Charitable Choice

Targeted Cause Marketing With Charitable Choice Products. It’s the kindest way to be cruel to your competition!

Charitable Choice Products is an “Cause Marketing private label” , created to “Make money, while making a difference!®”. Simply put, we ask our customers to “Make the Charitable Choice ! ®”

When we match a product and a cause, we utilize our marketing, and partnership with the cause, to “Be Kind, and make Charitable Choice®”. This is CAUSE MARKETING.

Rather than re-inventing the wheel , we have used 2 Primary Business Models, which are Newman’s Own ™ and President Choice(tm) (Both are registered Trademarks, owned by their Respective firms- we have no direct affiliation. )

In the case of Newman’s, a celebrity decided to use his fame, and make a difference. By utilizing a variety of private-label manufacturers, this brand was able to penetrate the foods market, and deliver quality products to both his fan base, and to those who would rather see a portion of the profits used to make the world a better place.

It is a HUGE success. Newman’s Own has raised over $100 MILLION dollars for Charitable Causes over the years they have been selling product.
( source- press release, Newman’s Own web site )

In fact, Newman’s Own has been such a huge hit, and since continues to dominate it’s field, we have decided NOT to DIRECTLY compete with one of America’s beloved brands.

The Concept , however, seems to prove what we believe: That given a choice- people generally want to see their money help others. That Choice should, and will be :

CHARITABLE CHOICE PRODUCTS! ( Make the Charitable Choice ! ® )

Looking at President’s Choice(tm), this firm took our Nation’s Love for it’s President, and positioned its brand accordingly. In actuality, the only ” President ” which makes a choice, is the President of their company! You may be shocked to learn that this company isn’t even American- It’s based in Canada! Regardless, their success in foods has now spilled over to many other products- even Grass seed!

(source: )

Why is this important? Because it demonstrates the NEED for our concept- VERY simply- When you buy a Charitable Choice product, you’re helping those in need, and getting GREAT value for your dollar.

Our brand is JUST getting off the ground- and here’s your chance to partner with us on the ground floor. The possibilities are endless! To this end we are looking for:

1. Retail Stores who wish to sell our products.

2. Manufacturers who wish to open new USA North American and South American markets for their existing products.

3. Distributors who would like to secure a territory with our brand.

4. Investor Partners who would wish to hold a equity position.

OR- Any company that wishes to refresh it’s brand, help the world, and make money with Specialized Cause marketing.


Market Trends ( Our Latest research ) 4/15/03

Selling to Women
83% Of women report That when price and quality are the same, they will choose a brand that is associated with a Cause. 79% say that they would switch to a retailer that is associated with a cause. These figures reflect a significant increase over last year. Source: ( )

Women represent over forty percent of America’s wealthiest individuals (people with assets exceeding $500,000), and are an important source of giving. )

Selling to Teenagers 89% of teens report that when price and quality are equal they will choose a brand that is associated with a cause. 85% of teens say that they would switch to a retailer that is associated with a cause. These figures reflect a significant increase over last year

Cultural Creatives ( Another Key Demographic ) One out of every four Americans is a ‘cultural creative’ – people who are affluent, well-educated, and motivated by environmentalism and social justice. 47% are traditional consumerists with primary interests in materialism and personal success.(Source- Paul Ray, American Demographics.)

We are looking forward to developing a relationship with your company, and using your expertise to help us build the nation’s leading philanthropic product line.

We believe that together, our combined efforts can increase the sales of your existing product line, open up new sales channels, and perhaps most importantly, make a difference in the lives of those in need!

We look forward to hearing from you!